Autonomous Decentralization
as a process



CryptoArena is established as a competitive entity, but immutably bound to transition into a non-profit over a predetermined span of time

What is an S-DEX?

The First "Self-Decentralizing" Exchange

CryptoArena redistributes platform generated revenue back to its users as activity incentives & performance rewards. 


We propose an automated, predetermined, and fully transparent process to “decentralize” the exchange. 


Designed to start up & grow as a competitive entity, but bound by smart contract:


  • to push the necessary next step in the crypto ecosystem
  • to make trading fun, accessible and more profitable to users
  • to fulfill the promise of a truly decentralized exchange


The CryptoArena Cofounders

“CryptoArena is, at its very core, an experiment in feasibly delivering long-term, tamper-proof, mass consensus through automation.”


“Revenue Sharing will boost adoption of cryptos and our game-like systems make trading fun & accessible to everyone


Why We Do it

We believe “decentralized” should – also – mean “free of special interests”.


Thus, a “decentralized exchange” should operate entirely for the benefit of those who create value for it: the User Community.


The emerging Blockchain Economy is rooted in widespread desire for new opportunities and the hope of better economic standards. To be designed for the benefit of the masses, rather than well-positioned insiders and mega corporations.

The Tech

CryptoArena is planned as a Parachain of the Polkadot Relay Chain, operating its own blockchain, including custom rulesets and processes, while benefiting from the mainchain’s efficiency, security & interoperability.

Please note:
CryptoArena is a startup – plans may be subject to change as we progress.

Our Team


Lorenzo Ferrari, CEO

Former corporate man turned Decentralization Evangelist


Robert Miller, CTO

Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Specialist & Security Wizard


Sohaib Ezzahir, Frontend

Actually a Full Stack Engineer, but specialized in top notch UX/UI


Leonie Forsman, COO

Neuroscientist turned all-seeing Manager. Alias CryptoDutchess trader


Chris Kraynik, DevOps

Veteran system, infrastructure and automation specialist


Danielle Davis, Marketing

Marketing & Community Manager, Blogger. NFT & crypto influencer, Alias NFTignition

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