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CryptoArena Tokens

CATS – Utility Tokens
$CATS token contract  0x765a6c174202a78561c986684df1004cbf38faeb

Do not send ETH to the token address. This will only waste gas.

What do we use CATS for?

$ARENA Security Tokens

( Formerly LEOs )

Our Security Tokens are “smart securities” (smart contract + security token) designed to reward holders for their consensus to CryptoArena’s unique self-decentralization process while guaranteeing & enforcing our mission.

CryptoArena is a first-of-its-kind solution using a custom combination of blockchains, smart contracts, and a dedicated security token.

To ensure the correct and transparent delivery of platform revenue distributions we employ a layer-2 distribution blockchain for our custom PoRD Proof of Revenue Distribution (PoRD) consensus protocol.


cash in hand cryptoarena


A Security Token featuring full rights, limited liability, bonus rewards, claims on assets, and unique conditions. Fixed supply. Not yet publicly available.

network cryptoarena


Security Tokens are used as “beacons” to facilitate our automated revenue sharing system. 


Automates and enforces our self-decentralization process through smart contract. Fully transparent and immutable.

Self-Decentralization Simulated

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