Post-Listing Recap from the CEO

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Recap from CEO Lorenzo Ferrari about listing, development, and our immediate plans

CryptoArena Post-Listing Recap

Hello, fellow CATS holders. Following our listing on the 6th, I am writing to provide some insights into what happened, what we are doing, and where we are going. There is a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get right to it.

The Listings

First off, CATS are now officially listed on Uniswap and Spiritswap, and we look forward to expanding with more listings as we grow.


Uniswap pair (ETH/CATS):



CATS Token Contract:



Uniswap liquidity has been locked on Unicrypt.


WARNING (!): someone created a fake CATS token about 3 hours before listing and put up a pair with ETH pretending to be us, make sure you use the token contract address linked above to find the real CATS. Please, be careful.


Spiritswap pair (FTM/CATS):



Fantom Opera CATS Token Contract: 0x26D572B0aecB57abF53EF27770E4003f3daf7150

What Went Wrong

We had some trouble at listing. 


A significant number of holders from our presales decided to dump their tokens. Also, we experienced difficulties in bridging liquidity across to FTM, and were consequently late with the planned listing on Spiritswap, which sent some negative vibes around. 


Notes: if you’re looking to bridge across, use TosDis FTM bridge for moving CATS between ETH/FTM, and Multichain bridge for moving FTM across.


With exception to the first few, these people sold at a significant loss, against all warnings at trying to “play the market” by front-running one another on relatively small amounts.


It does not represent a problem in terms of continuity for CryptoArena, as we have raised sufficient funds to operate and deliver several of our products throughout the earlier rounds, and the latest IDO raise gives more space to build and grow.


Nevertheless, we are aware of the effect this ugly red chart has had on our people’s morale, and we want to make sure to correct the course.

Diamond Paws Loyalty Campaign

CryptoArena is thrilled to announce the Diamond Paws Loyalty Campaign!


Between the CATS listings on Uniswap (August 6th) and ending with the release of NFT Arena (within +/- 90-120 days), we will take 10 snapshots of all CATS holders, including those staking (article following) in one of our pools.


The first snapshot was taken Aug 6th, 2021.


Loyalty Bonus


Token holders that stay with us along the way will receive an additional bonus in CATS tokens proportional to their amount at the time of the first snapshot at a later date.


Loyalty Score


The total number of CATS you hold during each of these snapshots will be added together to create your Diamond Paws Loyalty Score. 


Each tier you reach unlocks a pre-made, special edition NFT card in NFT Arena. Unlock all 5 to collect the entire special edition deck!


  • Tier 1: 50K unlocks 1 NFT Card + NFT Redeemable Ticket for 40 Security Tokens

  • Tier 2: 150K unlocks 2 NFT Cards + NFT Redeemable Ticket for 80 Security Tokens

  • Tier 3: 250K unlocks 3 NFT Cards + NFT Redeemable Ticket for 120 Security Tokens

  • Tier 4: 350K unlocks 4 NFT Cards + NFT Redeemable Ticket for 160 Security Tokens

  • Tier 5: 500K unlocks 5 NFT Cards + NFT Redeemable Ticket for 200 Security Tokens


Let’s go through a couple of examples. 


If you hold 5K CATS for the entire period, your Diamond Paws Loyalty Score will be 50K! This means you will have reached the first tier and will receive an NFT Arena Card and an NFT Redeemable Ticket for 40 Security Tokens!


Or, let’s say you only learn of this wonderful opportunity after 8 of the snapshots have been completed! Don’t worry, there’s still an opportunity for you to participate, as holding 25K CATS during the last two snapshots will also allow you to reach the 50K CATS threshold to unlock tier 1!


This program will help to incentivize loyal CATS holders to continue holding and participate in our many other rewarding programs, such as providing liquidity, staking, earning node rights, etc. 


So stack those CATS and get ready for the many, exciting things to come.


Be on the lookout next week for a sneak peak into NFT Arena!

About CryptoArena

CryptoArena is building a crypto exchange and regulated securities broker that rewards users with platform-generated net revenue through a game-like points scoring system. More points = bigger share. Rewards distributed will start at 25% of net revenue and increase over time all the way to 100% as a consequence of a unique “self-decentralization process”, through which CryptoArena will transition into fully self-sustained public-benefit infrastructure.

Website | Documentation | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | E-mail

We're building the 1st S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”) – a market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its holding entity into a non-profit over time. Why, you ask? 
To fulfill blockchains' true purpose by redirecting platform generated revenue to our end-Users instead.

Lorenzo Ferrari | CryptoArena CEO Tweet

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Lorenzo Ferrari

Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

all the way to 100%.

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