NFT PvP Trading Card Game

Game Modes


Each player has five cards, the goal is to control the most squares on the grid.


Each card has a number on all four of its sides. If the number on the card being placed is higher than the card already on the square next to it, the square will be “captured”, turning it into the winner’s color.


Players take turns placing cards on the grid until the grid is full. Wanna spice it up? Select some of the Special Rules and master them all!




Deck Construction

Stake your own cards

Stake your NFTs to make them available in-game. Each card is given stats.


Try your luck creating cards as many times as you like, stats are based on chance and the properties of the NFT you staked.

Buy or Trade

Buy pre-made decks or individual cards from NFT Arena and other players via the marketplace.


Selecting Hardcore mode in competitive matches allows you to choose to burn the NFT of your opponent when you win.


Burn 5 cards to upgrade the level of any card you own. 


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