MetaMask Tutorial: Creating A New Wallet

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Keeping your crypto safe with a MetaMask Wallet

Written by Blake Branson

Welcome to Starship DeFi

So you’re ready to venture beyond the world of centralized exchanges and explore the vast reaches of the crypto space.

While knowing what to do the first time you interact with a new area can be daunting, don’t worry. 

We’re here to help. 

Alright. Let’s jump right in!

Official Sources Only

To set up your MetaMask wallet, you first want to make sure you start with an official source.

This first step is essential as scammers are always hoping new users will download their fake copies by mistake, allowing them full access to your funds.

Take extra care to start on

The Download

Once on

-Select one of the download buttons

-Select the device you are using, whether computer browser, iOS, or Android

–Chrome is the browser for the purposes of this tutorial

-Select Install, and the process will take you to the MetaMask page for the appropriate store for your device

-Select Install

Once you’ve installed MetaMask as an extension, select “Get Started” and you will be prompted to either import a wallet or create a new one. For now, let’s focus on creating a new wallet.

Set Password

After selecting “Create a Wallet,” you will be prompted to create a password. This password will be specific to this device and browser. Make sure you choose a secure password and have a safe way to store your password.

Secret Backup Phrase / Seed Phrase

Next is safely saving and storing your “Secret Backup Phrase,” which is sometimes called a seed phrase. For MetaMask, this is a string of 12 words used to back up your account, import your account to another device or compatible wallet, or restore your wallet.

There are many ways to store your Secret Backup Phrase and how you choose to do so is entirely up to you. These methods include writing it down, using a secure password manager like BitWarden, and even purchasing steel seed storage aids.

CryptoArena strongly encourages you to do your own research on what method or methods may be best for you.

IMPORTANT: Do not lose your secret backup phrase. You are the only person with access to this phrase. If you lose this phrase and become unable to access MetaMask on any device, you will no longer have access to your funds.

IMPORTANT: Do not share your backup phrase with anyone. Anyone with access to your seed phrase has full access to all your funds in that wallet. There is no legitimate reason for ANYONE to ask for your seed phrase.

In the next step, MetaMask will have you select each word of the Secret Backup Phrase to ensure that you have saved it correctly.

You Did It!

And with that, you have a new MetaMask Wallet!

Remember: When dealing with crypto or decentralized finance, it is imperative always to take an extra moment to verify that you’re doing things accurately. Make sure you use official sources to get your information, ensure the wallet or contract you’re interacting with is the correct one, and never share your wallet security information with anyone.

Happy trading!

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Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

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