Introducing CryptoArena: the 1st S-DEX

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CryptoArena is the 1st "Self-Decentralizing Exchange" - a crypto trading platform designed to redistribute the revenue it generates back to its community. All of it.
Introducing CryptoArena: the first S-DEX

Hello World, we are building the first self-decentralizing exchange. You're gonna love CryptoArena!

Fair point! Why we’re better in 10 seconds:


CryptoArena automatically distributes shares of platform generated revenue back to Users as incentives & rewards. Incrementally, over time, all the way until 100% of (net) revenue is distributed. Users earn shares of platform profits by trading with CryptoArena.

We start as a commercially competitive for-profit entity and operate our business as such. However, we bind ourselves (by smart contract) to a custom predetermined process with a likewise predetermined outcome: we progressively transition our exchange into a non-profit Foundation, whom automatically and continuously redistributes ALL revenue generated to our users.


After all, blockchains were born for the explicit purpose of replacing cumbersome middlemen entities. The decentralization that you were promised implied new economic standards designed for the benefit of end-users, and instead you got false promises.

“A correctly executed blockchain strategy involves disintermediating the incumbents, nullifying the middlemen or - even better - redistributing the upside to the very people (uber driver, bnb host) or software contracts now providing the service.


It has no other long-term "raison d'être" but to take the utilities of the 21st century and place the back into the hands of the end users.


Anything else that you might have read about it is a fallacy built around the sole concept to separate you from your hard earned cash


Blockchain Behind the Bullshit (’18) – Stephan Tual, former CCO of Ethereum

It’s time to push the crypto-community to take the next step, and we have devised a way to deliver.

No opt in. No paywalls. All active users benefit from revenue distributions. Paid monthly, in arrears. Native Token’s scarcity mechanism grows distributions’ size over time. Immutable non-profit mission & automated process to deliver it.

A hands-off investing solution by which veteran traders (“Champions“) enact trading decisions on behalf of their backers (“Patrons“) in exchange for a success fee. Fully customizable, non-custodial, secured by smart contractCompete Cooperate to improve your score, and earn bonus multipliers to increase your revenue share!

All fee-bearing activity on CryptoArena earns Glory Points as a measure of your performance, and the value you have generated on our platform. Points are tallied monthly into a Glory Score, which determines the share of revenue distribution you receive.
Bigger Score -> Bigger Share. Resets after each distribution.

Social Competitive Trading

Competitive Events

Participate in a variety of competitive trading events, sort of like poker tournaments, except with trading rather than cards. Win pooled prizes by out-trading the rest and make a name for yourself, get more backers and more glory points.

Ranked Leaderboards

Leaderboards are ongoing, yearly competitions meant to reward the best of the best of each Champion category. Top performers receive great rewards, and unique prizes to show off their achievement (and attract more backers). Cooperating with others earns bonuses!

Fully Regulated & Transparent

Full built-in compliance. We strive to make CryptoArena available everywhere, US included. Native Security Token is a real and certifiable security, directly representing shares in the Company’s stock and all associated rights. Presently only available for purchase to Accredited and Institutional Investors, through a custom SAFE instrument, until round supply termination. Public soon!

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We're building the 1st S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”) – a market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a non-profit, over time. Why, you ask? 
To fulfill blockchains' true purpose: so that we can redirect platform generated revenue to our end-Users instead.

Lorenzo Ferrari | CryptoArena CEO Tweet

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Lorenzo Ferrari

Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

all the way to 100%.

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