Gamified Trading To Usher In Mass Adoption

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Tapping into the energy of gamification and entertainment while providing substance and value will help bring new users into the crypto space.

Written by Blake Branson

The Tipping Point for Mass Adoption

Mass adoption is on everyone’s mind: When will the tipping point be? Will it cause a super-cycle? Will more nations follow El Salvador’s example? Wen Lambo?


There’s a seemingly endless flow of new technology & innovation to be excited about being introduced throughout the globe, and the largest valuation crash in crypto history is already yesterday’s news.


However, the unanswered question is how to take these amazing advancements and put them in front of the world in a way they’ll understand and want to engage.

Barriers to Mass Adoption

New users face a multitude of barriers when they first get involved: from basic terminology to using a wallet to choosing between centralized and decentralized exchanges; everything can be daunting for someone without experience.


Then there are fees to consider, the potential for scams and rug pulls, learning how to research solid projects, protecting passwords and seed phrases, and then, to top it all off, taxes.


All of these things take time and effort to figure out. 


The picture becomes even more evident as we explore the more complex aspects of the blockchain world.

Gamification and Entertainment to Bridge the Gap

Meme tokens are everywhere. It’s been hard to miss the impact of new large investors entering the market based on the power of memes and entertainment.

Most of these projects are artificial scarcity schemes intended to enrich early entries and get left to flounder with no purpose or use case as the spotlight moves on to the next trend or buzzword.

But there is something we can learn from this phenomenon. Namely that there are vast swathes of people willing to get involved with a complex technology they wouldn’t otherwise approach if it makes sense to them, is easy to use, makes them feel like they’re a part of something, and most of all, it’s fun!

Projects that can tap into that energy while also providing substance and value will find themselves at the forefront of the mass adoption revolution.

NFTs are a great example of this concept; they came into prominence and have grown into a huge industry vastly through the engagement power of art and are now evolving into practical applications, such as Uniswap v3’s Liquidity Pools being non-fungible.

It's Happening!

CryptoArena’s self-decentralizing exchange aims to lead the charge, providing a robust solution that helps bring new people into this space with a combination of scalability, gamification, and great rewards.


We’re building a massively scalable regulated exchange that distributes platform-generated revenue to its users through a gamified Glory Points system. So the more glory points you earn, the greater your share is.


User experience is essential. Trading will feel just as easy as playing a game while allowing you to earn points in a bunch of different ways: trading, staking, LPs, cooperating with other users, or taking part in competitions, leaderboards, and a variety of events, but also referrals, social achievements and more. 


There is something for everyone and rewards for all.


But perhaps the most exciting part is our mission: to build Public Benefit Infrastructure.

CryptoArena is established as a hybrid exchange but is bound to immutable smart contracts to a process that delivers an entirely predetermined outcome.


The “magic” is that the percentage of revenues that gets distributed increases over time as a consequence of our unique “self-decentralization process.” 


Through this process, the holding entity of CryptoArena transitions into a fully self-sustained non-profit organization. That non-profit automatically distributes its profits to those who engage with our platform. And we accomplish this with complete transparency, security, and immutability guaranteed by blockchain, and it’s all possible because of our custom-built consensus protocol: Proof of Revenue Distribution.

Serious Business, But Also Fun & Games

Our core trading platform will feature many advantages, but we’re not stopping there. We’re developing complementary products & services to deliver along the way, many of which venture into new territory, all of which feature the same focus on consumer surplus.

A couple of notable examples include:

  • Advanced Copy Trading: don’t know how to trade? Lack the time? Pick a Champion to do it for you! Non-custodial, customizable, private & secure.
  • NFT Arena: a dapp-powered Trading Card Game using NFTs as game assets. Play for fun or to win NFTs from your opponents! Use any NFT of yours, or buy them from their marketplace.
  • NFT Impact: a unique mass or targeted marketing tool capable of delivering millions of NFTs for negligible costs while targeting specific attributes. Turns ads & newsletters from a cost into a revenue stream by creating a resale market!

We hope that our dedication to putting users first while pushing the envelope of established blockchain uses will help new users adapt to this space and help usher in the next wave of mass adoption.

Learn More About CryptoArena

CryptoArena is the first self-Decentralizing Exchange—an exchange that redistributes platform-generated revenue back to its users, through a game-like points scoring system!


Our platform will provide a friendly but robust solution that brings new opportunities to everyone, inexperienced and pros alike. With our Advanced Copy Trading, NFT Arena Trading Card Game, and a Glory Points system that increases a user’s share of the revenue with every action, there is truly something for everyone at CryptoArena.


You can always learn more about CryptoArena on our website, through our documentation, or by reaching out to us via DiscordTelegram, and Twitter.

We're building the 1st S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”) – a market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its holding entity into a non-profit over time. Why, you ask? 
To fulfill blockchains' true purpose by redirecting platform generated revenue to our end-Users instead.

Lorenzo Ferrari | CryptoArena CEO Tweet

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Lorenzo Ferrari

Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

all the way to 100%.

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