CryptoArena & Whimsy Games Announce Partnership to Deliver NFT Arena

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CryptoArena is excited to partner with Whimsy Games in the development and launch of NFT Arena.

CryptoArena Partners with Whimsy Games

CryptoArena is thrilled to announce its partnership with Whimsy Games to develop and launch NFT Arena, a unique Trading Card Game that allows you to use any NFT as a game asset and win NFTs from your opponents.


“We are excited to announce yet another important strategic partnership that will allow us to achieve our roadmap’s promises with a product of the highest quality,” said Lorenzo Ferrari, CEO of CryptoArena. “Whimsy Games is a top studio that brings quality and specialist expertise to our team. And their art & design department is really just amazing!”

Intro to NFT Arena

NFT Arena is a competitive PvP trading card game that uses NFTs (ERC721, ERC1155) as game assets. This means that no purchase is required to play, as you can turn any NFT that you own into a card that works in the game.





Generating Cards

The process to generate game assets is extremely simple and fully reversible. All you need to do is send the NFT to our smart contract, which will send the NFT metadata to the app, create a unique “key” to retrieve it, and store the asset until it is redeemed.

Reclaiming your NFT

The card version of an NFT contains the “key” to each given asset, meaning that anyone in possession of a card can “unmake” the card and withdraw the specific, unique NFT that is associated with it on the smart contract.

Win NFTs From Your Opponents

You can win (or lose) cards from your opponents by playing in either ranked or custom lobby games, and winning a card from your opponent allows you to claim the NFT associated with or sell the card in the in-app store.


Game Modes


  1. Casual | Practice to get better or just play for fun.

  2. Ranked | Matchmaking Rating (MMR) based matchups, climb leaderboards, win cards from opponents

  3. Tournament | Buy in with $CATS Tokens and defeat your opponents to claim the prize!

  4. Custom | Create custom games, change or mix active rulesets, raise or lower buy-ins and prizes.

Get a Node, Share the Revenue

$CATS token holders may obtain node rights for NFT Arena through our staking solution. This requires two steps:


  1. Stake CATS LP tokens on our yield farm to receive 1:1 synthetics

  2. Stake synthetics* on NFT Arena’s contract to receive 1 of 500 node authorization tokens, allowing you to collect further rewards.


*Details in a future announcement


NFT Arena generates revenue through four streams:


  1. Creating a card (gas+markup)

  2. Reclaiming an NFT (gas+markup)

  3. Tournaments (% of buy-ins)

  4. The in-app store (% of sale)


Revenue rewards are pooled and distributed equally among eligible recipients, those that have the node authorization token. Node authorizations are limited to 500 for the first year and may be increased through voting in the CATS DAO.

$CATS Utility Tokens

CryptoArena Tokens ($CATS) are the ERC20 utility tokens of the CryptoArena ecosystem. All relevant info can be found through this directory:


About Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a creative Game Development Company that provides ad hoc games, design, and marketing solutions for clients worldwide. Their team of professionals has successfully turned the wildest ideas into exquisite 2D & 3D mobile games in trendy and traditional genres for over two years. They keep clients’ expectations in the spotlight and deliver superb service for everyone.

About NFT Arena

NFT Arena is a gas-optimized, competitive PvP trading card game that uses NFTs (ERC721, ERC1155) as game assets. Turn any NFT that you own into a card that works in the game, and use it to win assets from your opponents!


NFT Arena is a project brought to you by CryptoArena and Whimsy Games.


Website | Documentation | Twitter

About CryptoArena

CryptoArena is building a crypto exchange and regulated securities broker that rewards active users with platform-generated net revenue through a game-like points scoring system. More points = bigger share.


Rewards distributed will start at 25% of net revenue and increase over time all the way to 100% as a consequence of a unique “self-decentralization process.” This process will use smart contracts to automatically distribute rewards and transition their holding entity into fully self-sustained, non-profit, public benefit infrastructure.

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We're building the 1st S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”) – a market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its holding entity into a non-profit over time. Why, you ask? 
To fulfill blockchains' true purpose by redirecting platform generated revenue to our end-Users instead.

Lorenzo Ferrari | CryptoArena CEO Tweet

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Lorenzo Ferrari

Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

all the way to 100%.

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