CryptoArena Announces CATS Token Listing On SpiritSwap

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CryptoArena is happy to announce the August 6th, 2021 listing of our CATS utility token on SpiritSwap.

Date: August 6th, 2021

Time: 2PM UTC

Listing Price (ETH): 1 ETH = 25K CATS 

Listing Price (USD) x token: $0.08



50% of raise is liquidity allocation

Liquidity is split 80/20 between Uniswap/SpiritSwap

SpiritSwap allocation is split 50/50 between CATS/ETH and CATS/FTM pairs

CryptoArena is proud to announce the August 6th, 2021 listing of our CATS utility token on SpiritSwap, a decentralized exchange on the Fantom Opera Chain. This listing will immediately follow our CATS Token IDO with TosLabs and our listing on Uniswap v3.


“We are excited to achieve yet another important milestone and expand our reach into cross-chain territory,” said Lorenzo Ferrari, CEO of CryptoArena. “This listing brings our token to a wider audience and is a first step towards allowing us to provide our CATS tokens, and related products, to the Fantom ecosystem.”


CATS use cases will include CryptoArena’s GAS Tracker, playing our NFT Arena Trading Card Game, Staking, Nodes, and most importantly, buying multipliers for Glory Points. The more Glory Points you have, the more platform-generated revenue you receive as rewards from our first-of-its-kind Self-Decentralizing Exchange (S-DEX).

CATS Utility Tokens

CryptoArena Tokens (CATS) are the ERC20 utility tokens of the CryptoArena ecosystem. 

All relevant info can be found through this directory:

About SpiritSwap

SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera Chain. SpiritSwap’s Design is based on the Uniswap constant-product automated market maker (AMM). In an AMM, liquidity providers simply deposit a pair of tokens and an algorithm automatically makes markets for the token pair. Traders can easily swap between tokens in the AMM and get guaranteed rates for the swaps. Each swap on SpiritSwap incurs a fee, which gets distributed to liquidity providers. Liquidity providers can farm LP tokens to increase their yields.

About CryptoArena

CryptoArena is building a crypto exchange and regulated securities broker that rewards users with platform-generated net revenue through a game-like points scoring system. More points = bigger share. Rewards distributed will start at 25% of net revenue and increase over time all the way to 100% as a consequence of a unique “self-decentralization process”, through which CryptoArena will transition into fully self-sustained public-benefit infrastructure.

Website | Documentation | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | E-mail

We're building the 1st S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”) – a market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its holding entity into a non-profit over time. Why, you ask? 
To fulfill blockchains' true purpose by redirecting platform generated revenue to our end-Users instead.

Lorenzo Ferrari | CryptoArena CEO Tweet

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Lorenzo Ferrari

Lorenzo Ferrari is the Founder & CEO of, a fintech startup aiming to launch the first “Self-Decentralizing Exchange” – a secondary market intermediary using a custom blockchain solution to transition its own holding entity into a fully non-profit Foundation. 

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue to its (active) Users through a game-like, social-competitive, points scoring system. Incrementally, over time, 

all the way to 100%.

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